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I would be happy to buy a pixel for Stop Poverty, although I think it is a shame they have so obviously ripped off the idea of the original without seemingly developing it in any way. there could have been more interactive and playful, for example the image is already shown, it might be more interesting to not show what picture you will eventually uncover, or dot-to-dot game where they draw something the more people buy.
Another idea would be doing something a bit like an advent calendar when you can donate a few pounds to 'open' the calendar door and inside is a little wish or quote for the day that is yours, maybe you could also post that on twitter or facebook.


also can I have Dan's details, I'm at a loose-end Sat night :-p


What about a jigsaw puzzle that you can buy a piece and it is only until everyone has bought one it and tries it together in a virtual game that it fits together to make a free artwork commissioned by a famous artist?

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