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Rob Hartley

Great article DCJ. Really interesting and thought-provoking.

I tried SL once as a friend of mine was convinced it would dominate the world, to the point where he was buying virtual "land". But I quickly lost interest as life outside was more fast paced and interactive.

Still I can see the attraction and I think that certainly there is a market for charities in there. For instance, Comic Relief could release a virtual red nose that was only available for your character if you donated a fiver; or Children In Need could create an avatar of Puggsy the Bear so you could choose to make your character that Bear for a donation, which has a time limit so it expires and they can do it again next year.

And in response to your other questions, I wouldn't pay for images/toys/games etc. just for the sake of them. But a special charity "gift" that I could send to a friend to jazz up their facebook page, or even a virtual valentine's card that I could email on and the proceeds go to a charity would certainly catch my attention.

I think the virtual online giving has more chance of success than door knocking or selling hearts in a shop as it's reach is so much broader and cost effective. As you say, it can be replicated over and over with no real additional cost (an email doesn't cost much!)

Your article's certainly got me thinking about how to expand marketing activities, so please keep up the good work!

Bluebell Trixie Face (in a virtual world)

I would probably pay for that cat, wow he's cute. But I don't go in for apps or poke people on FB, what is a flying heart anyway? Obviously I'm a bit out of touch and old fashioned using FB for short messages, witty status updates (in my head) and looking at photos. When it comes to virtual reality I'm with Rob - the real world is way more exciting, although perhaps not if you live in the middle of nowhere and don't have access to clubs etc? I also totally agree with charity widgets, I imagine a lot of people would be really into them. They could go on email signatures too perhaps.

Virtual charity gifting is interesting - if you made the gift something really cool that everyone would want, made it a status symbol, you could rake in the cash.

Another great article, keep em coming!

Lisa Giles

First time I've been clubbing in ages....especially in the middle of the day! I personally have a horror of poking, flying hearts and virtual widgets. I'm not even that keen on electronic birthday cards but only because I'm old-fashioned and think they are a cop-out! However, I need to move with the times so shall maintain an open mind. Great blog by the way - you're cruising for an 'A' grade on the assigment I reckon!

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